Garage Saurus Updates their R35

I have my new favorite wheels for the R35, these Advan Model F7 are the best looking wheels I have seen on a R35. I’m not sure on the sizes, but they look perfect. Saurus also mounted a new central exit exhaust, not to sure about the looks.

640img_829319_24923801_3 640img_906670_24922352_1 640img_906670_24922352_3

Garage Saurus


2 Responses to “Garage Saurus Updates their R35”

  1. 1 coreyantoniuk
    08/10/2008 at 21:24

    I can see the logic behind the center exit exhaust. It would definitely help flow. There would be way less bends, and the bends that are there would be very mellow in comparison to the 90 degree bends in a normal exhaust. But it takes away the “mean factor” those four (in most cases) huge tips look so cool. The only time that this would be worth it esthetically, would be on a race car, and even then…. But anyways, those wheels are awesome, I love concave wheels, especially when they are that big!

  2. 2 saniholidays
    08/11/2008 at 17:40

    The wheels are superb and they need to be with the Nissan GTR the car is amazing and I want one.

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