Aussie 180SX

These Aussies are getting better and better at their game, I have seen some incredible looking cars recently. This 180SX is another testament to their car building skills.

photos taken by elvis from jdmstyletuning.com

wb7236 30xbo7q 2hx4l1u


3 Responses to “Aussie 180SX”

  1. 1 biggie1
    11/24/2009 at 00:58

    Engine + supports-

    Greddy cooler
    Grex oil cooler
    HKS 2510 (soon to be GTRS when i find some Cams its sitting on my coffie table lol )
    Tomei valve springs and ti retainers (to go with the cams when i find them)
    TOmei Manifold with custom re-enforcing
    Custom Alloy Rad with temp switch Thermos
    Gktex under bash tray
    Gktec rocker arm stoppers
    Custom alloy overflow bottle
    APex Power FC
    Nismo 555 jectors
    bosch o44
    nismo fuel reg
    HKS dump front pipe combo
    Works 9 stright pipes to twin 3 inch tips.
    NIsmo thermostat
    HKS rock stopper in custom air box enclosure
    AVCR boost controller
    loom relocated to engine bay
    aircon removed

    and a bunch of other little changes me and powerplay have put in the car that i forget

    Body –

    Rapbrig clear lenses and APP HID kit
    East bear side mirrors
    Factory scratched type X silver
    vetex copy front bar with custom cracks from Old pac with super happy cable tie action
    Cwest side skirts – soon to be replaced with the NIsmo aero side skirts i have sitting on my floor
    Unknown rear bar that came in a car that was imported lol.
    Pipe flaired front and rear metal guards
    stikkerz yo

    Custom order black TE37 rims in 18 X 9.5 +2 and 18 x 10.5 + 17 rear (spacer included)
    with a 225/40 front and 235/40 rear

    Interior –

    Full strip front seats back
    Buddyclub bucket seat (its red so i go faster)
    Some ghetto cheap speco meter gauges in din holder that do job of teling me when SR is about to die
    looking for half cage at current
    Yashido factory Drift button
    and Sony head unit plus front speakers
    And thats all i need to have fun

    Handling / susp. –

    Gp sports gmaser pro coils with ebach / swift springs
    s14 LCA’s
    Alloy pineapples
    Ultra racing front fender braces
    Solid steering spacer.
    Solid steering rack bushes.
    Rack spacers
    Tein tie rods
    kazamaa castor rods
    custom castor rod mount supports
    nismo powerbrace
    Drift shop everything else adjustable ( being repalced as it shaggs out with proper JDM)
    Nismo GT pro 2 way
    alloy gtr rear hubs
    GTR driveshafts
    5 stud front convertion hubs
    r33 GTR front brembos
    standard rear
    33 GTR master cylinder
    cusco brake stopper
    Greddy front and rear strut braces
    Project mu pads all round
    Dba 4000 rotors all round
    seam welding at select locations
    32 GTR rear sway bar with poly links
    and once again other things that im forgetting

  2. 2 d4nm4c
    11/24/2009 at 04:07

    brill car, fitment second to none!

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