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Fujita Engineering RX7

Changing the appearance of ‘older’ cars to make them look newer is popular in Japan. Everybody knows the Supra made by Top Secret by now. Here’s a RX7 made by Fujita Engineering, better know as FEED. Offcourse there are Mazda purists that despise the bodykit. I think this kit will get the car much more attention, and I really hope I will see this kit outside Japan one day.


The bodykit consits of a frontbumper, hood, frontfenders, sideskirts, rearfenders, rearbumper and different front and rear lights, The complete kit will set you back a massive ÔŅ•1,659,000. The front lights remind me of the TVR Sagaris.


Ferrari styled rearlights and a massive diffuser totally transforms the car from the rear. The spoiler is als made by FEED


Still one of my favorites, the Advan RS. Behind it we see a nice Greddy brake assembly.

Fujita Engineering


Sunline Carbon R34

A friend of mine in Japan owns one of the most hardcore looking GT-R’s in the world. At least that is my humble opinion. But maybe after seeing these pictures you will think the same ūüôā


Complete carbon fibre wide bodykit made by Sunline Racing (SLR). A 6cm body-widening kit. Genuine carbon parts are the front nose, the 4 wings, the bonnet, the doors inner and outer, the rear wing, the bootlid and the wing mirrors. Also the car has a one off moulded carbon fitted roof, back light surrounds and rear bumper cover.

The rims are Advan Racing TCII in 18″x9.5j ET+16. This picture was taken before the engine rebuild. for the handling Piers has opted for the HKS Hypermax II suspension and alot of SLR goodies like tension rods, camber arms and pillow arms.

dsc01473gs9 dsc01484fy0

The car just came back today with a new N1 2.8 litre HKS build engine. A new Greddy turbo and titanium intake elbow.


New rollcage that doesn’t destroy the whole car, this car can still be driven on the road. The car is made to race and that is what it will do. Nice Nardi steering wheel and Bride seats.


And there you have it, 650hp to give it the advantage on the circuit. Together with the wait savings this car will be a serious contender for Time Attack events.

Expect some more info and pictures of this beast in the near future.

Sunline Racing



HKS has also started their magic on the new EVO X. They started with thier electronic goodies like the HKS EVC5, F-con and their VAC Type M system. all these systems are bolt on items and can be integrated into the cars system. In the engine compartment HKS used their turbo hard pipes, blow off valve and their suction kit. Their are no power figures yet because HKS is in their testing fase,


On the outside of the car we see the Advan Racing RZ rims in 19″x10 with a ET of +35. You can also see a glimpse of the Bride GIAS seats.

HKS Powers


Two monster R34’s

These car were posted on the forum in the UK. The belong to two guys that live in Singapore and I think these two cars are some of the nicest around. They have it all from the right colour combo to the brakes.


This car has had the full Z-Tune treatment, frontbumper, sidewings, hood and rearbumper


This one in black also got the Z-tune threatment.


Prodrive PFF7 rims that are normally found on the Subaru Impreza work amazingly well on this R34. The brake setup behind the rim is from AP Racing


Here you the Advan RS in black and behind it a brake setup you don’t see very often. It’s an item from HKS

Prodrive, HKS, AP Racing, Advan


Pristine White R34

Just found this R34 while searching on Japanese Yahoo auction site. Agains this is an example that is being sold by Global Auto.

The suspension is from Tein and is adjustable in 16 ways. Gold and white always work well, as you can see it also works on this car. Yokohama Wheels has stopped making these wheels, the new RGII are the replacement. I still think these look cool and when time passes by these will be even more exclusive.

Behind these front rims we can see the Project Mu rotors


The exterior is standard apart from some V-spec goodies. The exhaust is made by Fujitsubo and is made from titanium.

Engine wise not much has changed, K&N makes sure the engine breathes a bit better and Trust provided the engine with a new frontpipe.

Carrozeria has the audio covered with their Minidisc and CD player, I also got one in my ER34. I have never seen anything similar in Europe, we only get the single din units.

Global Auto, Project Mu


Obsessed S2000

Some cars need all the attention they can get. This car is one of them, I first spotted this car on Jay’s JDMego blog and¬†I couldn’t take my eyes of it. The car was build with one thing in mind and that was perfection.

The builder of this car doesn’t follow trends or other builders, he makes his own rules and let other builders follow him. If you ask me he has rewritten the rulebook on how to build the perfect S2000. He has made it easy for me with this parts list, just be in awe at what he has done to his S2000.

For the rest I will let the pictures do the talking.


December 2021