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Best Motoring part 4

Best Motoring is pumping out issues as if their lives depended on it. Now they have released the 4th edition. In this latest edition they will test the Amuse R35 GT-R and they will decide wich FR car is better, the new M3 or the IS-F.

The Amuse R35 GT-R will be driven by Keiischi Tsuchiya and he will try to brake the one minute barrier on the Tsukuba Circuit. We allready know it is possible because we saw the Mine’s GT-R doing it.



Obsessed S2000

Some cars need all the attention they can get. This car is one of them, I first spotted this car on Jay’s JDMego blog and I couldn’t take my eyes of it. The car was build with one thing in mind and that was perfection.

The builder of this car doesn’t follow trends or other builders, he makes his own rules and let other builders follow him. If you ask me he has rewritten the rulebook on how to build the perfect S2000. He has made it easy for me with this parts list, just be in awe at what he has done to his S2000.

For the rest I will let the pictures do the talking.



Amuse 350Z for the Z Masters

Amuse is running this car in the Z Masters race. That race is a race between all the known tuners in Japan that produces parts for the 350Z like Sunline, MCR and Yashio Factory



Amuse Nismo 380 Super Leggera

Amuse and the people behind Gran Turismo have teamed up. In the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 the Amuse 350Z will be a car you can choose to drive around all the famous tracks in the world.

Amuse also released some powerfigures of their 380 Super Leggera.

The car runs the standard VQ35HR but the displacement was increased to 3.8 liters. The car now pushes 386ps at 7100revs. The car is 140kg lighter than the standard 350Z hence the name Super Leggera that refers to the lighter Gallardo from Lamborghini.

It also seems that the European division from Amuse Ericsson have teamed up with BBS. On the stand of Amuse all the cars were fitted with BBS LM rims except the R35. Ericsson has released a special rim together with BBS with the name BBS LM Ericsson R.



Amuse Carbon R34 GT-R

This car was produced back in 2004, and was intended to be a normal road car. But it soon turned into a full on race car weighing in at 1100kg. The car has been transformed into a rear wheel drive car with more than 600bhp. That is more than enough for a car this light.

The problem is I really do not know what happened to the car when it was reveiled. There are alot of rumors but none of them seems to be real. I will investigate a little and hope to find out some more

Thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare we can see more of this near perfect car 🙂

I know the pictures are old, but I think that on some cars age doesn’t count. And I still think this was a benchmark car for alot of tuners in the world



Amuse 350Z

I think that BBS was real pleased to see the stand from Amuse. Their were four cars on the Amuse stand sporting their LM rims including this gorgeous 350Z. The other cars were the 2 Ericsson BMW M3 and a BMW 5 serie.


December 2021