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Message To The World

I’m writing this post because I’m a firm believer in the message that Ben Schaffer from Bulletproof Automotive is spreading. He provided us all with a very helpful document, in wich he explains where to look for when buying stuff from Japan

You can donwload the article here or read it when you press continue to read below this post.

I will let Ben do the talking… (remember these are Ben’s words not mine)

The original blog post is as follows:

Why am I writing this? I’m disappointed by the massive number of enthusiasts out there being misled by parts suppliers. I want everyone to have the facts before they make a special order purchase that is sourced from Japan. Buy from whoever is truly the best for your needs. Don’t just believe what you hear from your local supplier; understand how to call out BS. Don’t even believe blindly what I tell you as a parts supplier (if you’re buying from my companies)…feel free to challenge me with the right questions if you’re buying from me. I expect as much.

What is unique about this post? I’m going to spill a lot of behind the scenes info and secrets about how an importing company works (relative to the customer’s order and experience). Although it is the industry standard to not talk in depth about the behind the scenes details (the less informed the client is, the more BS the parts supplier can get away with to keep the sale), in this buying guide I will shed light on the secrets and potential pitfalls.

What is my goal of this post? I want everyone out there to be better informed. Its as simple as that. If people are better informed, they will make better decisions. If people are better informed, there will be less companies scamming people and less horror stories in the industry that we all hear about (parts took 8+ months to get, vendor stole customers money, etc) which reduces consumer confidence about buying imported parts.

Lets begin!

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Ben schaffer’s S2000

Just spreading the word, this S2000 has been featured before on this blog, but there are now some better and nicer pictures. The car is being owned by Ben Schaffer from Bulletproofautomotive, he is the importer of some very exclusive and wanted parts in the US.

The car has a mix of bodyparts from different Japanese tuners. Some names that will make you dazzle, Tracy Sports, Powerhouse Amuse, Top Secret and Spoon. Each tuner delivered parts that Ben modified to make his S2000 a true one off example.


Tires are from Toyo that protect the colour coded Ings+1 TS-06 in 19″. On the rear bumper you can see the MSR sticker. This is a signature sticker and it means that M.S.Revolution designed the graphics for this car. The owner of the company is the well known Mana P (D1GP) he also design’s the majority of the cars that compete in the D1GP, he also designed the graphics on my Skyline ER34


The rear diffusor is made by Top Secret but was originaly meant to be fitted onto a Skyline R34. Ben managed to incorporate this into his show winning machine. It sure looks like it was made for it. The exhaust is a one off made by Nippon Steel and are from titanium.


The hardtop was made by Spoon but for Ben that wasn’t exclusive enough so he decided he needed something different. He molded two side windows into the hardtop too make it even more exclusive.

Bulletproof Automotive, The Real JDM


Bulletproof S2000 made it to the cover of Max Power

Ben Schaeffer of Bulletproof automotive made one of the nicest looking S2000’s out there. With that he has build a cover car that graces the pages of this month Max Power.

Go and check

I congratulate Ben with this and hope to see some more cars that he or his customers build on the pages of European magazines.


March 2023