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A trio of unlimited power

I don´t even wanna guess at how much horse power we are looking at here, just plain awesome machinery



Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Did Toyota secretly made another AE86 in 2008? This thing looks like new. Made by Impulse Car Service. Antonio are you watching? haha

01_l 02_l 04_l 05_l 06_l 09_l

pics courtesy of Carview


BMW M1 Pro Car Rendering

Just showing some love for one of my favorite artists, Jon Sibal. He really can work magic with Photoshop as you can see in his latest rendering of the BMW M1 concept.

I will let him do the talking 🙂

As a BMW fanatic, I was excited when BMW Group Design unveiled the design study M1 Hommage Concept Car at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2008 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary M1 by Giugiaro. My first thoughts were “Oh cool, what about the ProCar?

Seeing an original M1 dressed in a ProCar body kit in person, I knew a race version of the new M1 could be a very interesting idea. Needless to say, BMW is due for a supercar of their own to compete with the likes of Audi’s R8, Mercedes Benz’s SLR 722, Porsche CGT, Lexus LF-A etc.

So I got working on a full rendering on how an M1 Hommage ProCar might look like if it were ever produced.

bmw m1

You can see this rendering in high res here


Second Top Secret R35 spotted

The first Top Secret R35 was spotted at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it was silver grey. But they also have this white one, it was spotted at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown. I wonder what they have in store for this car.


They haven’t released any information regarding tuning parts and and other related stuff. I’m guessing they are going to wait for an major carshow and reveal everyting all at once. We will just have to wait.

Top Secret


R Magic FD’s

Here is a nice pic of the stand from R Magic at the Exciting Car Show Down. the car in front is there D1GP entry and was in the top ten of best car’s of the show. The other FD on the left is a customer car and the RX8 is their other democar.


Too bad there aren’t any better pics of the white, cause that one looks like a stunner.

R Magic, Exciting Car Showdown


Car Gallery S15

A nice example of a modified Nissan S15. The car rocks a GP Sports bodykit and Gullflame rims with a gunpolish finish. Car Gallery also is the sponsor and builder of the Kawabata’s D1GP S15 that won the season opener on Ebisu. That car has the same bodykit and rims

Car Gallery GP Sports


Exciting Car Showdown

alot of tuners in Japan are getting ready for the exciting Car Showdown that is going to take place this weekend, I hope I can show you alot of pictures if the cars and tuners that are going to be present. Tuners like Top Secret, Sunline and ATTKD are allready packing up their things to head up to Nagoya.

Sunline Racing is moving their Z Masters 350z and the R35 GT-R to the event. I expect that there will be alot of R35’s on display with some new modifications that we didn’t see yet.

The show is organized by Daijiro Inada, he is the founding father of the D1GP and the Tokyo Auto Salon. I like to see this as a smaller version of that show, there are always alot of new cars on display with exciting new stuff. I can’t wait.

Sunline Racing
Exciting Car Showdown