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It’s Here

Finally the Speedhunters website is live, please take a look and let me know what you think 🙂


First of we have this HD video for you to enjoy, it’s about Brett Castle who competes in the European Drift Championship.


Team Orange Subaru’s

Team Orange is one of the leading drift teams in Japan. In 2006 Kumakubo won the D1GP Series with his Subaru Impreza GDB. In 2007 they started competing with a Mitsubishi EVO 9 and in 2008 they will going to compete with a brand new EVO X. The Subaru’s from the previous years are for sale now to the general public.

Subaru Impreza GDB, Jun build 2.5l engine with a Trust TD06-25G turbo, 580ps, 2006 champion car

Subaru Impreza GDB, Jun build 2.5l engine with a Blitz K5-660 turbo, 650ps

Subaru Impreza GDB, 2.0l engine with a Blitz K5-450 turbo, 420ps

Subaru Impreza GC8, Jun build 2.5l engine with Trust TD06-25G turbo, 550ps


Kumakubo is going to compete in the EDC

This year is one of the biggest name’s in the drifting community is going to compete in the European Drift Championship. His name is Nobushige Kumakubo. He will compete in the series with his renowned 430whp RWD Subaru Impreza STi GDB.

Mr Kumakubo added

Since I visited Silverstone in 2005, I heard a lot of good and exiting news from EDC. So I don’t need to think too much about the reason to join EDC as a competitor. It is very simple logic, there are the best European drivers in EDC, so I will go to compete with them. Just as a one of the drivers. But also I would like to say big thank you for EDC organizer to make this happen and I believe that we can make fantastic event for spectator with usual EDC atmosphere. It will be fun, it will be good, it will be TSUISO!!

Offcourse this is great news for the European competition and the European competitors. They will have the change to compete against one off the best drifters Japan has to offer.


EDC round 1 at Donnington Park

This year there is alot going on in Europe when we talk about drifting. One of those things is the European Drifting Championship that will kick off on 5th and 6th of April this year. The first round will be held during the International Styling and Tuning show at Donnington Park, Derby UK.

EDC will host the best drifters that Europe has on offer. Alot of cars are being build while I’m typing this to participate in this event. I will be there to make a small feature on some of the cars that will be present.



Driftworks S15 2JZgte

This post has been waiting to long. The S15 you see here is made by the guys from Driftworks in the UK.

1 x Spec R S15
1 x 2JZ GTE 3.0 Supra engine, with a Garret GT4088, running minimun 590bhp, and using the 6 speed Getrag gearbox. All of this will be pushed back through the bulkhead 8 inches to get some balance back with the longer and heavier 3 litre lump.

This car is build in such a way that it can compete with the D1GP machines build in Japan. With this build no stone left unturned. A truly awesome build, for more pictures and inside info please log on to the Driftworks forum here.


December 2022