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Z-Tune 4 door R34

That’s the best way to describe this I guess, for me it was one of the best cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year. It has been built by APM factory and features a fully built RB26 with only the best parts Japan has to offer.

ast2010_ph41-t_b640 ast2010_ph42-t_b640


My pride and joy

Wanted to show you guys some more pictures of my ride, remember that this car is still for sale. For serious enquiries please contact me through the email adress shown in the header of this page.

The car was build for Ken Nomura by Blitz and we bought it from him through Power Vehicles. We used the car as a promotional tool to promote drifting in Europe. I have had alot of fun with the car and when the shows were near where I live I would drive the car to and from the show. The car is definatly no trailer queen and was always maintained to the highest level by Garage D in the UK.


The car has a full URAS D1 Spec Version II bodykit that consists of a front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, wide front fenders, rear over fenders and wide rear door caps. The car is lowered on some Blitz/Sachs SP7 coilovers with Eiback springs.


In the rear we can see the 3d carbon GT wing and the Blitz titanium exhaust. Rims are also made by Blitz and are the Technospeeds in 18″. In the front the car has 245/40 and in the back 275/25.


The carbon hood is made by Top Secret


The entire engine was built by Blitz and therefor it features almost everything from their catalogue. The turbo used is the K5-700R that gives the car it’s enormous HP figures. Mounted on the turbo is the Blitz SUS air cleaner, intercooler is also from Blitz and I haven’t seen any intercoolers bigger than this one 😉

The car has more than 450hp and that’s more than enough to get this car sideways,


Here we see the Keys Racing steering wheel, all the electrics in the car works from the powerwindows to the airco and radio. Blitz also provided the car with some electric goodies like a boost controller and R-vit controller.

For more info and inquiries about this car, please contact me via my email.


My Skyline ER34

Yesterday I was out driving my Skyline, but I forgot to take pictures because I was busy showing off to my friends. So today should be the day I could make some new pictures. The only thing that didn’t cooperated was the weather. So I couldn’t take the pictures I wanted to, but you get the idea

The car had a complete respray in white and we covered the car in some new graphics from the 2007 D1GP series.

And remember this car is still for sale, you can contact me via the email in the header.



Holland’s Finest

You see alot of cars that come from the land of the rising sun. But offcourse there are others that can build nice and competitive cars. The cars you see here are from friends that live in Holland. I consider these cars the best that Holland has to offer. I will show you some more cars in the future that roam the Dutch highways



Origin At the Osaka Auto Messe

Origin Japan had a stand at the Osaka Auto Messe. They featured some of their demo cars. We see the MJ Style ER34, 2x Onevia’s and a insane S14A. Also notice the side exit exhaust of the first Onevia.



Drift ER34 by MJ Style

Know that Ken Nomura is retiring his ER34 Skyline and will be driving the new R35 GT-R, I really hope this new ER34 build by MJ Sports is going to replace the iconic drift car. This car livery was designed by Tezuka, the driver of the Bee*R R324. The car is now on route to the Osaka Auto Messe where it will be unveiled to the public.

The car allready is fitted with the new Origin Stream Line bodykit I showed you guys earlier.


February 2023