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Ericsson M5 Earth Concept

For the more fortunate people that can afford the M5 we have this Ericsson M5 Earth Concept. Ericsson really did some magic on this car because they could extract almost 40 extra horse power with an exhaust alone.

This is exhaust has a weight of 21.1kg (normal weight 57.2kg)


More weight can be lost with this Dry Carbon Hood, that weighs 6.1kg (normal weight 12.3kg)

On the back you can exchange your trunk for this Dry Carbon Trunk that weighs 4.2kg (normal weight 18.45kg)

For US sales please contact Bulletproof Automotive


Ericsson M480 Concept M3 Parts List

Here is partial parts list that Ericsson provides for the E92 M3 from BMW. This stuff looks out of this world.

Here is a comparison of other cars and the Ericsson M480 Concept M3

The new M3 E92  -1630kg  -420ps  -3.88kg/ps
Ericsson m480 Concept  -1460kg  -437ps  -3.34kg/PS
Porsche GT3  -1395kg  -415ps  -3.36kg/ps
Nissan GTR  -1740kg  -480ps  -3.62kg/ps
BMW E46 M3 CSL  -1420kg  -360ps  -3.94kg/ps

These figures surely make you think, doesn’t it?

First of is this Dry Carbon hood that weighs 5.9kg (normal weight 11.75kg)

the their are the Dry Carbon Sidesteps on the front bumper that weigh 1.4kg (normal weight 2.25kg)

On the rear we can find this Dry Carbon Trunk with a weight of 3.2kg (normal weight 11.8kg)

On the exhaust side of things we have this Full Titan Power Exhaust System with a weight of 23.4kg (normal weight 47.1kg)

On a final note we have this peace of art that we call the Titan Exhaust Manifold STTI. There are no characteristics known at this time.


For US sales please contact Bulletproof Automotive


Ericsson E60 BMW M5

Ericsson has made a very good start with their M480 Concept M3. Allthough that car got all the attention, Ericsson also made a few products for it’s bigger brother. The E60 M5

They designed a carbon fibre hood and trunk, a titanium exhasut and front lip spoiler. All these products can be bought through Bulletproof Automotive.



Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 Best Import Car

During the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Comittee (NAPAC) chooses the best cars in certain categories. In the categorie Best Import Car, the Ericsson M480 concept BMW M3 took the win.

Congratz to Ericsson, they sure have earned this award because their demo car looks stunning

The second place went to the HKS BMW E46 Supercharger

And third place went to the WALD Mercedes CL


Ericsson BMW E92 M3

This car is getting better and better. During the Tokyo Auto Salon we couldn’t get a glimpse of the inside. It seems that even the doors are made out of carbon. This thing has looks to kill and even looks better than some European tuners tuned this car.

Amuse started Ericsson to tune European models and they couldn’t have done a better job on this M3. It seems that Bulletproof Automotive in america is going to be the dealer for America, so If you got a BMW M3 and you want something special you know where to look

This car has more than 480bhp and with 180kg shaved of the original weight of 1655kg with only carbon parts.



Ericsson M480 Concept BMW M3

Damn this thing looks so good. First spotted by my blogging friend Auto Otaku during the Amuse Time Attack day at Tsukuba. Now it is being featured at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Ericsson is a sub division of Powerhouse Amuse that focuses on European build cars. This is their first try with a BMW M3 E92. And it sure leaves a lasting impression. They have alot of carbon goodies like the all carbon trunk and hood. Together with the BBS rims and the bodykit this car is a winner.


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