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Auto Produce Boss Impreza

Auto Produce Boss, based in Japan, specialises in ECU’s for different car platforms. They also have some democars, one of those democar is this Subaru Impreza GDB. It was present at the last Hypermeeting on Tsukuba, they managed a time of 01:02.30 sec. Not the fastest, but they turned down the boost because of the hot weather. They will be back to Tsukuba for the Super Battle in December.


Varis frontbumper and carbon hood.


Varis diffuser and carbon spoiler, Prodrive GC010G in 18″. the exhaust is made by Boss themselves


The car uses an HKS GT3037ProS turbo, with this turbo the car managed a healthy 428ps on a dynapack. The internals were traded in for examples from JUN

Auto Produce Boss, Varis


JUN Super Lemon Impreza

JUN is famous for many things but especially for building fast cars. One of those fast cars is this Subaru Impreza. This car is still in development by JUN according to their site allthough hasn’t been seen near a track for a few years.

The car is running a JUN stroker that boosts its displacement from 2.0 litre to 2.5 litre. Other internal parts of the engine were  replaced by JUN items. For the turbo the chose for a Trust TD06 25G SH turbocharger. In it’s current form the car has 600ps at it’s disposal.

On the exterior of the car we see some one off aero parts, like the rear diffuser. The front bumper is a JUN item and the rear wing comes from SARD. The rims used are a set of 18″ Advan RG rims. On the suspension side of things they went for ZEAL suspension setup.

In 2002 it made a time of 0.58:239 on the Tsukuba circuit with Manubu Orido behind the wheels.



The HKS Kansai EVO X and Impreza GDB

HKS Kansai has made some considerable progress on two of the most popular JDM export cars from Japan.

The cars were modified in the suspension department and the engine got some upgrades.

The EVO X went from stock 288ps to 383.2ps. This was achieved by improving the piping on the turbo, a new intake manifold, and a new engine management. the car also benefits from alot of body reinforcement. It had extensive bracing throughout the entire car.

The Subaru went from stock 305.6ps to 330.8ps. This was almost done purely by upgrading the electronic components. so you see how much can be done when you go for a new engine management. The Subaru also got alot of braces in the rear and the front of the car to make it more rigid.

Both cars will be on display during the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

September 2022