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If you could choose…

Here are three GT-R’s build by different tuners and each with a different approach. Thanks to GTR World we can see some nice photography of the cars build by HKS Kansai, MCR and Zele.

Wich car would you choose?

I would go for the R35 build by MCR, because I love the vibrant red on the car and that Kobayashi build the car as a fast track car but it can also be used as a daily driver. It managed to drive a one minute flat round on Tsukuba

First up is the MCR R35 GT-R with Enkei GTC1 Evolution rims in 20″ and a custom exhaust system featuring a double tip. The suspension consits of Endless Zeal Function damper with MCR specification. MCR has also uprated the brakes and fitted a set of Endless Mono 6 pot racing calipers and Endless two piece rotors.

080606-mcr-fr 080606-mcr-rr

Second is the R35 GT-R build by HKS Kansai.

The car is running AVS model F7 rims in 19″ and they fitted a HKS HiperMax III prototype suspension setup.

0804-hkskansai-impre 0804-hkskansai-car-rrmain

Third is this Zele build R35 GT-R that we all know by now. Zele is the only company that has designed a new bodykit for the R35 under the name Harisson. The car has alot of carbon parts, and it is said that the main Nissan importer in the UK has ordered the kit for their demo R35.

The rims are black painted Rays Gram Lights R57GT in 20″, they have left the original Bilstein suspension in place. Zele is working hard on two ecu’s to replace the original one, more info on that later.

 20080513-zele-01 20080513-zele-02

Thanks to GTR World for the pictures,

Did you allready made your decision?


March 2023