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Hot Version Volume 92

There’s another Hot Version available, this time they will put the JUN Evo X and the Original Runduce Impreza against each other. This test is a part of three other tests that they will conduct with the new 2.0 litre beasts from Japan.


In test 1 they will put two standard cars against each other driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Takayuki Kinoshita

ph_1_05b ph_1_06b

In test 2 they will go head to head in Gymkhana style, the cars used are the Pro-tent HKS Evo and Pleasue D2 Impreza. This time the cars will be driven by two women.

1 ph_1_08b

In the third test they will put the JUN build Evo X and the Original Runduce Impreza against each other. The other two competitors are an Evo VIII and a GDB Impreza. On Tsukuba the JUN Evo X mamaged a time of 1:01.309 and the Original Runduce Impreza managed a time of 1:03.947. So according these times the JUN Evo X should be quicker than the Impreza


As a extra on the DVD you can see a full on attack of the R35 GT-R made by Sunline Racing driven Keiichi Tsuchiya

Hot Version, JUN, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing


JUN Super Lemon Impreza

JUN is famous for many things but especially for building fast cars. One of those fast cars is this Subaru Impreza. This car is still in development by JUN according to their site allthough hasn’t been seen near a track for a few years.

The car is running a JUN stroker that boosts its displacement from 2.0 litre to 2.5 litre. Other internal parts of the engine were  replaced by JUN items. For the turbo the chose for a Trust TD06 25G SH turbocharger. In it’s current form the car has 600ps at it’s disposal.

On the exterior of the car we see some one off aero parts, like the rear diffuser. The front bumper is a JUN item and the rear wing comes from SARD. The rims used are a set of 18″ Advan RG rims. On the suspension side of things they went for ZEAL suspension setup.

In 2002 it made a time of 0.58:239 on the Tsukuba circuit with Manubu Orido behind the wheels.



JUN Mitsubishi EVO X

JUN brought there EVO X, the car is still in development, so no info about the engine yet.

Thanks to Mike at Auto Otaku for the photo’s



Jun Auto Mechanic 350Z-R-4wd

Ben Lau is the owner of this beast build by JUN. when money isn’t a problem you get cars like this. Build to perfection.

The car has a JUN build engine with a 3.8l stroker kit and directs it power to a Hollinger 6-speed GT-R transmission. The car has been transformed to a 4 wheel drive monster with the help of the drivetrain from a R32 GT-R.

On the outside the car has a modified INGS N spec aero kit. When the car had it’s first outing on the Tsukuba track for a shakedown it already posted a time 0:55. Unfortunatly that won’t happen again because the car went to China where Ben Lau lives.

Boost 1.3K (OFF) 740ps/6400rpm 86kg.m/5900rpm
Boost 1.5K (set-44) 828PS/6400rpm 96kg.m/5900rpm
Boost 1.7K Probably 900ps over (not yet tested)

JUN 3.8L Kit. Turbos: Trust TD05 x 2. CAM: IN&EXF272“x 10.8mm.
Alloy Wheel: RGII(F 8J +25, R 8J +35). Tire: A048(F&R:265/35R18)

Current Weight = 1’340kg (target 1’250kg)


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Runduce Mitsubishi EVO VIII

This car was build by Runduce in Japan and was sold to Z-Racing in Switzerland. The car has done a 0:56 sec lap on Tsukuba. It actually beat the Cyber Evo at that point. Nowadays it is being used for trackdays and shows in Europe. Z-Racing also owns the Veilside R34 GT-R and 2 cars from NAMS, a GT-R R34 and a widebody S15.

The car has a stroked engine, from 2.0 to 2.2. This was all done by JUN and the parts used in the engine are also from JUN. The car has To4Z turbo from HKS. The car weighs around 1050kg and with 600bhp that makes for a very good power to weight ratio and formidable Time Attack machine.


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