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Spirant Chaser

Talking about Sprirant, check out another team member, that’s just as famous.



Wonder JZX100 Chaser

Another red car, this time a JZX100 Chaser build by Car Modify Wonder. This has got to be my all time favorite Chaser. This car looks so hard, the wheels fits perfect together with the overfenders.

The car is one of the contenders in the MSC challenge, maybe you already saw this car on Speedhunters, check it out here.

wunda p6-3 fg8


Aussie Chaser

I’m showing alot of chasers lately, but that’s just the way it goes. I got this JZX100 through the mail from a guy from Australia. He is selling his car so if you want some more info on it please contact me and I will get you the email adress. The car was imported by C-red in 2004


I really like the look of the complete Wise Sports bodykit, the car also has the wide front fenders that houses the VS-KF Shadow Chrome rims in 19″. The look alot like the Blitz rims I got on the ER34.

Here you see the 1JZ-GTE engine that is a 2.5 litre that has alot of HKS goodies. It has a 3040 turbo kit from HKS together with a manifold. The car is running 400rwhp.

The owner has used RG coilovers together with a Nismo 2 way LSD. I’m guessing that will let the car go sideways.

I really like the car, a few friends of mine in Holland also have these Chasers. They don’t get you noticed in a instance but they will definalty turn heads. We never got these cars in Holland.

Check out the sticker in the back ‘chaseher’ 😉

Wise Sports
C Red


Garage Defend JZX100

At Garage Defend they have this Toyota Chaser JZX100 for sale. This Chaser is the last of it’s generation, after this Toyota replaced the Chaser with the Verossa models. the chaser model is still a very popular platform with its 1JZ-GTE engine. The car is still being used in the D1GP by several drifters.

The 1JZ-GTE engine with vvti technolgy (variable valve timing). This engine is a 2,5 litre, but mostly stock besides the HKS intercooler.


Clean, white and simple, just the way I like it.

SSR Professors SP1 rims in size 18″

Interior with a nice Momo steering wheel and a Bride seat


Toyota Chaser by T&E

This 6th generation JZX100 Chaser wears a Vertex bodykit. Rims are courtesy of Rays Engineering, they provided this car with a set of Volk SF Winning rims. Allthough the car is getting older it still looks hot.



Toyota JZX100 Mark 2

This Chaser belongs to Power Vehicles and will be used as a demo car. Power Vehicles is known for their export business and drift cars straight from Japan. But what really matters is the car itself. In 2006 they have build a 180SX and in 2007 it was time for a S13.

Now in 2008 the time has come for some serious power in the form of this Chaser JZX100. The engine used is a 2JZ from a Supra with 1JZ cylinder head making it a 1.5JZ. With the help of the T04Z turbo the car has a healthy 600ps at 1,5 bar. On the exterior we find a complete Kazama auto Promode bodykit. For the suspension side of things they used a Aragosta suspension setup and Kazama Auto parts

The car has a complete interior with Bride seats and a HKS camp system installed. The car is fully road registered and can be used for D1 Street Legal and MSC drift events. Later this year they plan to build a fully forged 3.1 litre bottom end


February 2023