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Silvia Super Silhouette

Here is some history for you guys, because GrandJDM is still offline. I always used to have my dosis of old school vintage cars form GrandJDM but as they seem to have lost the battle with the hackers, please pay them a visit and help them out.the link to their can be found in my blogroll or below this post.

This is the machine driven by K. Hoshino at the Fuji Super Silhouette races (held between 1979 and 1984). Super Silhouette cars looked like production cars outside, but sported Formula car engineering inside. In accordance with international Group 5 regulations, the engine was the same twin-carb LZ20B (570PS) used in the Skyline Super Silhouette


Did you always wonder where the Bosazuka guys got thier inspiration from? After seeing this car there is no doubt. Offcourse the Bosazuka boys took their bodykits a step further, but this is where it al started. Here are a two video’s from this legendary machine, I hope you will enjoy, I sure did.

They managed to get 570ps from a two liter engine. The torque these engine’s produced was maybe even more impressive, 539nm to be precise.



Nostalgic Hero Photoshoot

Rocky Auto is one of the Japanese tuning houses that specializes in Old School Nissan’s, like the 240Z or the KPGC10. They have a full restauration shop and sell restaured cars. Nostalgic Hero is car magazine that features old cars like the Honda S800 or the cars that Rocky Auto sells. This time they visited Rocky Auto and they had a photoshoot with the two of the best cars that Rocky had on offer.

One completely standard KPGC10 and one that was tuned and maintained by Rocky Auto

Here you can clearly see the height difference

The orange one has the standard S20 engine and the silver one has had an upgrade with a newer RB25 engine. Some would call that sacrilege, but I think it’s pretty cool, It is just the way you think about certain cars and what you want to with it. Do you want a complete restauration or do you want to make a car with a twist.

Nostalgic Hero is the magazine to get if you like nostalgic Japanese cars. They also produce a DVD that accompanies the magazine.

Rocky Auto, Nostalgic Hero

March 2023