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Phoenix Power at TAS 2008

Phoenix Power is known for their high speed cars like their JZA80 Supra that recorded a top speed of 339.7km/h. But they do more than tuning Supra’s. During the Tokyo Auto Salon they presented two gorgeuos Skyline’s. First their was this gold R34.


And then their was this white R32 with a completely gutted interior. Only a chair and a rollcage are their to give the driver company. This car was built for the quarter mile with a enormous T88. This car is pushing the 800bhp marker. This is a true 9 second car.



Sumo Power 350Z Time Attack Battle

The people behind Sumopower just got back from Japan. Where they competed in the Revspeed Time Attack series on Tsukuba. This was their first outing on Tsukuba and for a first timer they did very well. They achieved a time of 1.03 with Tarzan Yamada behind the wheel.

Offcourse this is great news for the Time Attack series itself and for Sumopower because they worked so hard to get to this stage. In the UK they have their own Time Attack series and hopefully some of the Japanese competitors will join them to drive on the UK circuits.

Andy Barnes from Sumo Power

Although we didnt hit our target, I am pleased that on Monday Tarzan Yamada drove our 350Z for a session and managed a 1.03. OK it took more sessions for me to catch up but I am really pleased to match Tarzan’s time in the car so Ive come away happy that I drove the car 110% on the edge (as those who were there may have witnessed with my large ‘do or die’ lap at the end in which I exited the last fast corner broadside towards the wall) I also believe that with more sessions for us all, we would have seen the times fall further without a doubt.

Sumo Power was not alone in their battle on the Tsukuba track. They were together with Zen Performance (Subaru), Fensport (Celica) and RC development (Evo).

 I am looking forward to next year where they will hopefully break the one minute barrier

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