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HKS EVO X Laps Tsukuba

With Nobuteru behind the wheel of the new HKS EVO X CZ200S, HKS achieved a new record time on Tsukuba with a best lap time of 59.5 seconds. This means it’s currently the fastest X on Tsukuba with a large margin.

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GT-R laps the Grüne Holle even faster

Today I got an heads up on some more news regarding the Nissan GT-R. The GT-R recorded an even faster time of 7 minutes and 29 seconds. The time was recorded during testing on the Nurburgring on the 16th and 17th of April.

At last year’s testing, we were frustrated by the conditions at the Nurburgring, always believing that the GT-R could go under seven minutes 30 seconds.” said Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Vehicle Engineer for GT-R. “Below seven minutes 30 seconds, the GT-R proves it is among the fastest mass-production cars in the world. We set out to build a multi-performance supercar accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere – I believe the GT-R has delivered that promise

The car that was used was in standard trim and had no extra modifications, for the tires they used the standard Japanese market tires. The driver was Tochio Suzuki, he is the chief test driver for Nissan.


Nissan GT-R


Top Secret Supra V12 does 358km/h at Nardo

Top Secret just made this announcement that they made a record speed of 222mp/h or 358km/h on the Nardo cicruit in Italy. They haven’t managed the 400km/h barrier but this was a first preliminary test to see how the car would react on the circuit. So I guess now all systems are go and that Top Secret will succeed in their quest for the holy grale


This picture was taken at the Top Secret shop when it had the older graphics designed by MSR


The V12 comes from a Toyota Century, and is being aided by two turbo’s. The total horsepower output of the car is just shy of a 1000ps. The car uses the Final Evolution Widebody kit designed by Top Secret


‘Smokey’ Nagata working on one of his award winning cars

Top Secret, Bulletproof Automotive


Amuse New Tsukuba Record

Amuse has managed a o:59.061 seconds lap around Tsukuba with their Nissan R35 GT-R. it’s a real battle between Mine’s and Amuse. This time Amuse beats the ‘old’ record of Mine’s with a few tenths of a second.

Amuse has had the car on the Dynapack and it’s output measured a healthy 610ps. Outstanding performance numbers when you realise that Amuse only has upped the boost levels with their Hi-tech Rom and mounted a exhaust system.

Thanks to Auto Otaku for the update


Mine’s R35 update

Nick @ Kanzen Performance has send me some pictures today and told me that Mine’s managed another record time at Fuji Speedway. They recorded a time of 1:51.258, that’s the fastest time recorded for a R35 around the track.

The new Fast and the Furious is also in the making now and Mine’s has send their second R35 to the US where it will debut in the new movie. Don’t forget you read it here for the first time lol.

The weave of the carbon on their demo R35 is just perfect, there’s so much attention to detail. 



Amuse breaks the one minute barrier

One the 28th of February Amuse organised another Time Attack event on the Tsukuba Circuit. This time they managed to break the one minute barrier with a time 0:59.916. Not as quick as the Mine’s R35 but both of the cars are at the top of the leader board and the rest can only follow. Hope to see some other tuners in the nearby future tearing up the track at Tsukuba.

The Amuse R35 has some new additions to the car in the form of 2 new front canards. Interesting about this is that the R35 has run the record lap without these canards.

Thanks to Mike at Auto Otaku for the superb photo’s.


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