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New record Tsukuba with the Mine’s R35

Mine’s has done it again, they broke the 1 minute barrier in their R35 GT-R. With Super GT300 driver Tetsuya Yamano behind the wheels the GT-R had a time of 0:59.367.

The Mine’s GT-R has a Mine’s rear wing, suspension kit, titanium exhaust pipe with catalyzer stabilizer, full brake kit with rotors, VX air filter and the Mine’s VXROM computer chip that is the core of their technology.  Upcoming still in development are aero parts like the mirror, hood, front canards, carbon front spoiler and side outlets.  We can’t imagine how fast this thing will go with all of these parts fully installed.

Thanks to GT Channel 



Top Fuel S2000 Breaks new FR record

Yesterday (15-02) there was another Time Attack session at the Tsukuba Circuit hosted by Revspeed. The Top Fuel/Zero-1000 S2000 competed there and broke a new FR record with a time of 0:55:350.

This is the worlds fastest time for an FR car on the Tsukuba Cicruit. Just when you think it doesn’t get any faster there’s always a Tuner that beats the old record and spices things up. I wonder what ASM has in store……

Thanks to Ben Linney at GTC-R.



Tsukuba Circuit

Everybody that loves Japanese cars and especially tuned Japanese cars knows the Tsukuba Circuit. The circuit is being used every weekend for different kind of events. The most popular events are the Time Attack and open race days.

The fastest car on Tsukuba is the HKS CT230R with a time 0:53:58 driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi. This car has a OEM frame but the rest of the car is made completely out of carbon.

What most people don’t know is that Tsukuba consists of 3 circuits, one called the TC2000 (2070m) and the other TC1000 (1039m). The third track is an oval. The TC2000 track is featured in numerous race games like Gran Turismo and Enthusia. The track is also being used in video’s like Best Motoring and the Hot Version video’s.

If you go to Japan, make sure you pay a visit to the circuit because you will see some of the hottest Japanese cars out there tearing up the track.

A nice view of the track can be seen here on Google Earth.


R35 GT-R on the dyno

The first results of a recorded Dyno run are here. The dyno that this car has run on is Dastek 4wd Dyno.

My car is totally factory standard, standard boost and run in Official word is ‘Its maximum power is 480 PS (473bhp) (353 kW) at 6400rpm’ We decided to try out BP Ultimate 102 unleaded, (which is still pump fuel)…. 520 bhp @ 6,617

This R35 is from the UK and owned by Ben Linney from GTC. The First R35 in the UK



Mine’s sets new laptime on Fuji Speedway

During the HKS 35th Anniversary day, Niikura san (the owner of Mine’s) let the famous Tarzan Yamada drive in his R35 GT-R. He really got the car going and managed a 1:52.8 on the Fuji Speedway. It’s not a record breaking time but it sure is a benchmark for the other Japanese Tuners and their R35’s.

Thanks to Kanzen Performance for the pictures



Mspeed Skyline R34 GT-R

A blog about Japanese cars and no item about the infamous Mspeed R34 GT-R is impossible. So here is my contribution.

In the december Revspeed Time Attack event it had a record breaking lap of 0:54:481 That time was enough to win the overall competition. This car has the ability to drive a constant 55 sec lap at Tsukuba. Where other companies are famous for there bodykits and engine mods, Mspeed is famous for one thing and one thing only and that is being the fastest on Tsukuba.


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