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Rips R34 Stealth Bomber

I posted on this car before but now the car is ready, this looks really awesome and the best thing is this car will go as fast as it looks. It has a RB30 build from the ground up By RIPS in New Zealand. The owner of the car lives in the UK but he was so impressed by the guys at RIPS that he decided to send his car halfway across the world and let them build his dream car. Now the waiting begins for him to get the car back on the UK roads.



Rips Racing 240Z

I’m not a big fan of dragracing, straight line racing doesn’t do it for me. But what I do admire is the craftmanship that some companies put in their cars. One of those companies is Rotorua Import Pro Shop from New Zealand. They keep building cars that amazes me.

This time they have built a 240Z that had a RB26 transplant. It already ran a 10:1 on the quarter mile. These pictures speak louder than words.

Oh and did I forget to mention that this car was build on a budget? 15K including the price of the car.


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Rips build Rb30 R34 Skyline

This car took almost a year to build. The owner of the car lives in the UK and send the car to New Zealand to let Rips LTD work on the car. The engine was standard except for some Blitz filters. Rips started with the built in February of this year and now it is almost complete.

I have been following this built from the beginning and evey time there was a updat I was astounded by the qaulity of the build. It is really a piece of art.

The car now has a RB30 that was built with incredible attention to detail as you will see in the pictures. The car will now be Dyno’d and tweaked to get the best performance out of it. I can’t wait to see this car on the dragstrip and hopefully see this car in person when it comes back to the UK

The complete build can be found here and be sure to check the Rips LTD website


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October 2021