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Top Secret Top Speed runs

Here are some nice video’s from the previous top speed runs that ‘Smokey’ Nagata did. Everything is being filmed by Chiba Kun. Nobody knows who Chiba Kun is all we know is he races the Wangan at midnight.

This is a clip where you will see Smokey do 211MPH (341km/h) on the German Autobahn. His car of choice was the Nissan V35 GT-R, it featured a V8 from the Nissan Q45. The car output was around 800hp

Here you see the Top Secret V12 Supra in action on the Shuto Expressway. He also explains why he is called Smokey, if we didn’t allready know that 🙂

This is were it all started for me, here you see Smokey getting caught by the UK police. This was my first introduction to Top Secret. The car he used was a Toyota Supra with a RB26 onboard, he passed the 300km/h barrier.



One of my blogroll friends Jon Sibal emailed me the other day saying he was working on a Top Secret LF-A design. I was familiar with his other work, he made a Top Secret R35 GT-R design that was featured on a poster at the Tokyo Auto Salon at the Top Secret booth. But I wouldn’t have guessed that his new design would look this good.


Props to Jon Sibal, look him up in my blogroll

High Res version


Top Secret Supra V12 does 358km/h at Nardo

Top Secret just made this announcement that they made a record speed of 222mp/h or 358km/h on the Nardo cicruit in Italy. They haven’t managed the 400km/h barrier but this was a first preliminary test to see how the car would react on the circuit. So I guess now all systems are go and that Top Secret will succeed in their quest for the holy grale


This picture was taken at the Top Secret shop when it had the older graphics designed by MSR


The V12 comes from a Toyota Century, and is being aided by two turbo’s. The total horsepower output of the car is just shy of a 1000ps. The car uses the Final Evolution Widebody kit designed by Top Secret


‘Smokey’ Nagata working on one of his award winning cars

Top Secret, Bulletproof Automotive


Rips R34 Stealth Bomber

I posted on this car before but now the car is ready, this looks really awesome and the best thing is this car will go as fast as it looks. It has a RB30 build from the ground up By RIPS in New Zealand. The owner of the car lives in the UK but he was so impressed by the guys at RIPS that he decided to send his car halfway across the world and let them build his dream car. Now the waiting begins for him to get the car back on the UK roads.



UK Bad Boy

This car is one the nicest modded Skyline’s in the UK. It is a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 2002 V-Spec II Nur. That means this is one of the 750 Nur’s ever build and 4 of those Nur’s resides in the UK.

The car has been build to a standard that’s out of this world. It has a Top Secret 2.8 litre RB engine that is rated at 900bhp and 9k rev limit. As it is now the car has 650bhp and over 500lbs/ft torque. For the for sale thread, yes guys this one is for sale, you can look here.



Top Secret’s Nardo Challenge

During the last Tokyo Auto Salon Top Secret announced that they will try to break the 400km/h (248mp/h) on the Nardo Circuit in Italy. The circuit is 12,6km long and is build as a oval with a 22% curvature.

Top Secret will attempt this with their V12 Supra. On the pictures you can see the new livery of the car. It is being said that Smokey already got to a top speed of 200mp/h without any problem. So it looks promising, I’m sure they will succeed in this endeavour.

Looking forward to the results and offcourse the video’s

Thanks to Ben from Bulletproof Automotive for sitting on top of things


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