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Defend Racing 180SX

I saw the new line up of URAS bodykits on the the Tokyo Auto Salon this year, but I did not liked them one bit. They were to box shaped and they didn’t enhance the looks of the car. But when I saw this Defend Racing 180SX it definatly changed my mind on this particular kit. The kit for the ER34 is still ugly ūüėČ


In front of Garage Defend, perfect stance and wheel setup. Red and white works good on this car. Also nice to see a 180SX that wasn’t built for drifting but for circuit racing


Here you see the car in a pitbox on Suzuka Circuit. HKS had organised a circuit race day for it’s customers. The grid ranged from Supra’s to Porsches.


Side by side with the HKS R34 Ultimate driving performer

Defend Racing


More Garage Saurus Ferrari 550

First they tested the car at Fuji Speedway, but allready they have begun testing on Suzuka. I wonder what kind of times they get with this car. From what I understand is that they are setting the car up, but it’s two steps forward and three steps back. So they are really busy finding the right set up.



Sunline Racing R35 posts a laptime on Suzuka

The guys behind Sunline Racing have set a laptime on Suzuka. Behind the wheel of the R35 GT-R was Mr. Yamada and he drove a time of 2:22:8.

Also this car was completely standard but it was put in circuit mode as you can see in the pictures below. When you put it in circuit mode the ‘car’¬†says to¬†you that when you crash the car on the circuit you will not get any warranty. So you will have to press yes or no¬†if you want to continue to drive and agree to the terms.

I have to try some more on getting this post right 


I could not find any laptimes to compare with the R35, so maybe you guys can help me with that. Please email any information regarding laptimes on Suzuka to

Thanks to somebody who emailed me, we can compare the laptimes from different cars. And by the looks of it, I’m starting to wonder what the new GT-R can’t do. This is truly amazing. The R35 is even faster than a Ferrari F40, crazy stuff

1. Ferrari F40 2:25.26 Best Motoring
2. Ferrari F50 2:26.52 Best Motoring
3. Porsche Carrera GT 2:28.42 “Best Motoring”
4. Porsche 993 GT2 2:29.148 “Best Motoring”
5. Porsche 993 Turbo (3.6) 2:31.165 Best Motoring
6. Honda NSX 3.2 2:32.54min best motoring
7. Lamborghini Diablo 2:32.98 Best Motoring
8. Porsche 996 GT3 2:32.988 Best Motoring
9. Ferrari F355 2:33.25 Best Motoring
10. Honda NSX-R (3.0) 2:34.19 best motoring
11. Honda Civic Type-R JDM (FD2) 2:35.20 Tsuchiya
12. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 2:36.263 “Best Motoring”
13. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI 2:36.50 best motoring

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