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TPchecker & T&E – D1 Earth Project

Just got some more info on the BMW that will be driven by Takahiro Ueno in this year D1GP season. His new main sponsor will be TP Checker (they also sponsor the Impul GT-R in SuperGT) together they have started the D1 Earth Project 2009. TP Checker specialises in tire pressure measurements systems, as we all know the tire pressure on a full blown drift car is very important.

As I have mentioned before the car will be powered by a 2JZ-GTE but with an increased displacement of 3100cc. Other components include a HKS T51R turbo, HKS V-Cam Pro, HKS 1000cc injectors, HKS intercooler and radiator. The pistons, and connecting rods have also been replaced in favor of stronger HKS items. On the exhaust side of things we can find a HKS manifold and a Sui:Vax muffler ( we all know what Sui:Vax is right?). The transmission will be a six speed sequential with an ORC clutch

When looking at the exterior we all noticed a new widebody kit made by the Vertice department of T&E including the frontbumper, front fenders, sidesteps, rear fenders and rear bumper. The side mirrors are made by Craft Square and the carbon spoiler is made by Sard.

In the wheels department we can find the new Rays G2 wheels and they measure 19″ x 9.5j with an offset of +20 both in the front and in the rear. The tires are from Advan and measure 255/30/19 in the front and 265/30/19 in the rear. I’m not sure about the suspension but I’ve heard it is running a JIC system.

The interior is enhanced via two Bride Zeta III seats, Vertex 90mm steering wheels, custom carbon dashboard and a whole host of other custom parts.

The S14 that I showed you earlier with the same livery as this BMW will be used as a demo car and will be driven on numerous events throughout the year.

Did i mention that this BMW won second place in the best of show category ‘tuning’ during the Tokyo Auto Salon



New T&E S14

Remember this car? Vertex Ridge S14. Here we have it in it’s new livery. The car was spotted at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it has the same new livery as the D1GP BMW that will be driven by Ueno. So I’m guessing that Ueno will update all of his demo cars.



D1GP at TAS 2009

I thought I would share some more pictures of the D1GP demo run that was held outside at the Tokyo Auto Salon. This was one of the last times you could Ueno’s Soarer in action. Nomuken also showed his ‘new’ Skyline with a redesigned bodykit and livery. Kumakubo also showed what his EVO X was capable off and ofcourse the D1SL RX7 driven Suenega

dsc_9683 dsc_9682 dsc_9713 dsc_9687 dsc_9726 dsc_9720 dsc_9714 dsc_9686 dsc_9684


Ueno’s D1GP BMW

More shots of the new BMW that will debut in the D1GP this year with Ueno behind the wheel. The shots are taken at the Fukuoka Auto Salon, the first Japanese carshow after TAS. The car is powered by the tried and tested 2jz. I can’t wait to see this car in action.

dsc_0705 dsc_0706 dsc_0707 dsc_0708


Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

The debut of the new 2009 D1GP BMW made by T&E owned by Ueno. In 2008 Ueno announced he would retire his trusty Soarer and will retunr in 2009 with this brand new BMW E92. No further details on power and or wheel size, will update asap.

01_l 02_l 03_l

pics courtey of Carview

February 2023