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GT-R is art in the making?

No words just pure art in the making,

Made by Treble2 thanks to GTC-R


Mine’s R35 video record run on Tsukuba

I just got this video, Chuck at the NAGTROC forums fixed the sound so now you can hear it on Youtube as well

Download here

The video is a piece of the record run that Mine’s did on Tsukuba, read about it here

Thanks to Ben Linney at GTC-R


A trip through Japan

Ever wondered how Japan looks like from the ground? Now you know, video’s like this just calm me down. It has nothing to do with cars, but it does with a lifestyle.

Tokyo seen from the Mori Tower observation deck


Tsukuba video by Clash Productions

Really nice promo vid made by Clash Productions. All the big names are shown. Screen, Mine’s, Panspeed, Mspeed and others. 


Train trip through Japan

What do you get when you combine a train trip, Chemical Brothers and a videocamera. You get this video that Clashproduction made when they visited Japan. First they traveled to Power Vehicles and from there the traveled by train to Tokyo for the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Never knew that a video could be this relaxing 🙂


Best Motoring Video R35 GT-R

Yes the footage is allready online, and you can see the complete video here.

Here is a quick translation of what is being said

Basically, Mizuno-san explains why the new PM platform is better, and how it actually works better with a car that weighs 1740kgs – namely by having the transaxle separate from the engine, it allows better power apportionment to the back wheels under acceleration – there is a 0.2 second weight transfer that can be used. Also, the car is set up for over 2G sideways forces. Also – what was interesting is he said “so we have laps at Nurburgring in the 7 30s… I say 30s now, but that might change next year…” As for Gan-san, he likes the car, but pointed out to Mizuno-san that the car understeers a bit more than he’d like on downslope/uphill corners. Says that with all the computers, that should be able to be taken care of. But, it is one car that he would love to drive at Nurburgring.

Thanks to Akasaka R33 for translating

Please continue to read for the video’s

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07 races the R35 GT-R on track

 Here is a nice video I found on the net. Carview tests the R35 on the track with a Japanese reporter. Although it is in Japanese you can see some nice shots of the car on the circuit.

I’m still amazed at how little bodyroll the car has in thight corners.

The original video can be seen here in a higher resolution.