Lux-style FD RX7

I wasn’t sure as to how I should categorize this car, it doesn’t comply to the VIP rules if there are any. Then I remembered an article in a magazine where they called the Looking FD RX7 a Lux-style car. The Looking FD is made in the same way although that car is red and has more body modifications. They do share the overal look, I will post some more pics of the looking FD in my next post.


The car itself looks so right, that if I would ever own a rx7 I would go this route. Low, chrome and black. I’ve had this picture as a wallpaper for ages on my computer screen.


The rims are Bvillens T8S from Weds, in the front they are 19″x9.0j +6 offset and in the back they are 19″x10.0j +6 offset



2 Responses to “Lux-style FD RX7”

  1. 07/11/2011 at 08:07

    What kind of front bar is that?

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