Garage MAK S15

Garage MAK specialises in the S body from Nissan, from the S13 to this amazing S15. In 2006 Garage MAK achieved a second place during the Revspeed Time Attack series with their S15 in the street class. So they definatly know how to build fast cars. Besides buidling fast cars they also produce bodykits and exhaust manifolds.

I just love the lines from the S15, rims are from AVS model T6

The frontbumper is a MAK Type II and is made on special order and by hand. So expect some serious cash if you want a similar bumper.

Here we can see the fibreglass flared wings, these wings are riveted to the body. The rear diffusor is made from carbon. the spoiler is adjustable and is als made by MAK

Two brothers side by side, both made by Garage MAK


1 Response to “Garage MAK S15”

  1. 1 charcoalx
    12/09/2008 at 06:40

    the rear diffuser and rear side carnards.. any idea whether these are garage mak parts or other brands? would love to get them for my s15. 🙂

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