Exciting Car Showdown

alot of tuners in Japan are getting ready for the exciting Car Showdown that is going to take place this weekend, I hope I can show you alot of pictures if the cars and tuners that are going to be present. Tuners like Top Secret, Sunline and ATTKD are allready packing up their things to head up to Nagoya.

Sunline Racing is moving their Z Masters 350z and the R35 GT-R to the event. I expect that there will be alot of R35’s on display with some new modifications that we didn’t see yet.

The show is organized by Daijiro Inada, he is the founding father of the D1GP and the Tokyo Auto Salon. I like to see this as a smaller version of that show, there are always alot of new cars on display with exciting new stuff. I can’t wait.

Sunline Racing
Exciting Car Showdown

1 Response to “Exciting Car Showdown”

  1. 1 kwatkins321
    04/04/2008 at 18:45

    these cars are HOT

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