Australian 180SX

a new friend of mine all the way from Sydney emailed me these pictures and video. After watching the video, I know you don’t need a high powered car to make some amazing drifts.

The car has a standard SR20 with a front mount and oil cooler. On the turbo side of things the owner chose for an T28.


Rims are courtesy of Work and are a set of CR Kai. It has R33 brakes all around and adjustable arms together with a Cusco 2 way LSD. For the suspension he went to Tein and they provided him with a brand new set.

Origin was chosen to provide the car with a complete Streamline bodykit including guards and wing. The hood is a knock off C-west item, but I don’t blame him.

Here is a video of him drifting at Oran Park. From what I saw in the video this is one hell of a track, with a major lefthander and differences in elevation. Really cool. 

Initial Drift

Oran Park
Matthew Mead

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