HKS D1 Altezza shake down

After HKS and Nobuteru announced that they would return to the D1 they have been busy getting the car ready. Here are the first pictures of the car getting it’s shakedown.


The Altezza is running a modified 3SGE engine with a 2.2 litre stroker engine with a GT2835 turbo. Not sure if the output of the car has been changed, the ‘older’ car managed a respectable 430ps.


Getting the car sideways aint a problem according to these pictures 🙂


The man himself, Nobuter Taniguchi, I still think he has the best nickname ever NOB, No One Better.


New wing mirrors, and very large Advan RS rims. Also notice the cooling vent besided the towing hook. The turbo is mounted just beneath that vent.

HKS, Nobuteru Taniguchi


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